Friday, December 5, 2008

SF Tribute

It seems like ages ago, but here is my SF Tribute piece that I submitted back in April. It was published in an art book and was premiered at Comic-con 08. Think of the book as a refined fan art book, with professionals sending in their own takes on Street Fighter characters. You can check out the book here.

I wasn't a huge fan of Dhalsim or Honda, but for the piece, I liked the contrast of skinny versus massive. Plus, they both have markings on their face. I like seeing this piece because in just a few months I improved my clothing. In a year I bet that I will cringe when I see this piece.


Tim Giang said...

Oh sweeeeet you got published by UDON?

<3 I wanna see it in there sometime

j nguyen said...

during winter quarter, ill drop by with the book when i pick up the art books! there's plenty of stuff in it you'd like.

Barely Legible said...

Freaking sweeeeeet I love how you used positive space on the coat to fine the negative space on Dhalsim. A cool idea might been to have Dhalsim skin tone just be that awesome background on there. Did you do that with watercolors?